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Canine Massage for Health & Performance (Career Course)  -   £2500
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We are delighted to offer this exciting Canine Massage Therapy for Health and Performance align with Level 5 training course, launched early 2017. This course is totally up-to-date with techniques and scientific research to underpin the training and is approved by UK Rural Skills.  The course has the same high standards offered by its sister company Equine Massage Academy to produce highly educated and passionate professionals within the canine complimentary healthcare sector.  Essential to support veterinary medicine today.

By training to become a Canine Massage Therapist the opportunities are endless, you may wish to incorporate your skills into your existing kennel/boarding business, dog walking, dog training, grooming, hydrotherapy etc. , or if you are applying for jobs in the canine industry, the knowledge and skills you will have learned are an instant advantage when applying for jobs: Employers are keen to have people who can multi-task within their team of canine  professionals.
Once trained as a Canine Massage Therapist, we offer an exciting range of continuing professional development training (CPD) to keep Therapists current with industry and techniques and other related topics.  As such we are delighted to work with the eminent Dr Isla Fishburn, of Kachina Canine Communication.  Isla is an international leader in holistic canine behaviour and welfare. We will be working with Isla during 2018 to develop some exciting training courses specific to the Academy of  Integrative Animal Therapies.

We also offer Graduates of AIAT, if they meet the criteria, the opportunity to teach the 1 day Canine Massage for Dog Owners course as a Training Agent. Thus continuing to spread the word on the benefits of this therapy and establish themselves as Instructors as part of AIAT

Study Programme

You will have a period of 4 days tuition with us followed by distance learning during which time you will undertake assignments and practical case studies on dogs.  You will also have the opportunity to meet with your Instructor at other given intervals within the training programme to ensure you receive all the support necessary for your learning.  The programme has the flexibility for you to qualify within a year if you have the time and dedication, or longer depending on your other commitments.

Our training principles are based on objective, evidence based research and a thorough understanding of the dog.  This approach takes into account the dog’s  behaviour and psychology and its physical structure including anatomy and physiology with a specific interest in injury prevention and treatment and also the growing focus in biomechanics.  We also cover a number of relevant supplementary subjects providing an ‘all encompassing’ programme of study, including a unit dedicated to building your business and the legalities involved with this. We will guide you on how to perform in clinical practice working alongside vets and other professionals.

From the practical aspect we teach a host of massage techniques to produce a Therapist second to none with the skill and ability to work with a variety of dogs whether a family pet or a working or show dog.  Our therapists will be able to use massage therapy to help with the following in industry (and much more):

•Rehabilitation following injury or surgery
•Improve muscle performance which includes the health of muscles and soft tissues, gait and exercise
•Mobility issues from those associated with simply climbing the stairs to performing agility exercise which may be due to a variety of reasons including orthopaedic conditions such as arthritis, hip dysplasia etc.
•General discomfort – the dog may have lost its sparkle and in need of support
•Dogs that are displaying signs of stress, anxiety and depression and other behaviour issues that often manifest in muscular discomfort.


Therapists will also be equipped to offer advice on many other elements of dog care, from a training course that is ‘all encompassing’ and second to none. Being supported by industry experts, we have all that you need in one place. This allows us to build long-term relationships with our Graduates, with on-going support throughout their career.


Please click HERE to read about an individual Case Study undertaken by an AIAT Student.





Attendance in the UK :   £2500

Final Assessment & Certification = £150

*Monthly Payment Plans are available for fees (interest free) *

If you are an Equine Student or Graduate of EMA the course fee is reduced to £2,200, a saving of £300!
 Entry Criteria

We welcome applications from ANY one of the following:

•Experienced dog owners who have a good general standard of education and a passion for working with dogs.
•Workers of the canine industry such as a Trainer, Veterinary nurse, Chiropractor, Hydro-Therapist, Dog Groomer, Kennel staff.
•Other animal or human therapists.
Note: all applications are considered on an individual basis.

Please complete and return the application form below to AIAT Director, Angela Hall at or email us first should you require any further information.



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