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Working Dog Manual Therapy

We are pleased to offer a 1 day course designed for the working dog with a  focus on injury and management for the more active working dog such as sheep dogs, gun dogs etc due to their susceptibility for injury.  Also for older working dogs to keep them mobile.

You will also learn how to assess performance and identify issues before they worsen as well as our unique combination of manual therapy (massage) techniques to support the dog.


All of which will be of great benefit to the wellbeing of the dog and its performance, injury prevention and recovery.  Minimising any downtime for a working dog that can be costly to your business.


The training is available at one of our North West venues either private tuition or in small groups.We can also train you at your own premises. Please see forthcoming dates on our Training Calendar:  The cost is £120 per person for group tuition.

A condensed version of the training will also be available on line.

Please Note – within the Law, you are only able to work on your own dog after attending this training.  If you want to work on another person’s dog then you must qualify in our professional career course as a Therapist – Canine Massage for Health and Performance.