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Whilst AIAT does not offer a great deal of Canine CPD in its own right, we are delighted to share our connection with K9HS where you will find a great array of CPD courses to support your therapy business and also the London College of Osteopathy


In addition, we are able to offer you membership in the K9 Therapy Hub where you will find the hub to be an immersive experience of micro, bitesize, mini and short clinical CPD courses, templates and resources, designed to transform your canine practice with active support.


As a leader in animal osteopathic education, LCAO provides the highest level of training to veterinary and animal care community members, osteopaths, and musculoskeletal therapists interested in expanding their careers into the field of animal osteopathy.  This is a perfect addition to your skill set as a Practitioner in Canine Massage & Rehabilitation gained through the Academy of Integrative Animal Therapies.

Their programmes in equine, canine and animal osteopathy are accredited by UK Rural Skills as equivalent to level 5 on the National Quality Forum (NQF) the same as our professional courses.

Upon completion of the program, you will gain the knowledge and skills to deliver safe, rational and effective osteopathic treatment on dogs, though treatment principles can be applied to other small animals as well.

You have the option, in addition to your online learning, to join a Masterclass for hands-on clinical training held in: UK, France, Canada, Australia, Norway.

 Osteopathic Programs Available to You (Qualification Award)

·         International Diploma in Equine Osteopathy

·         International Diploma in Canine Osteopathy

·         Int´l Diploma in Animal Osteopathy (Equine & Canine Streams)


Discount on Fees:

This code EMAOSTEO  allows you 10% discount on all individual courses (CPD Courses and short programs) and 5% on all osteopathic programs. When purchasing courses, you will be prompted to enter the promo code upon checkout.

When applying for the osteopathic programs, you simply have to choose Equine Massage Academy from the "Where did you hear about us" this assures the continuation of our affiliation (Equine Massage Academy is the sister company of Academy of Integrative Animal Therapies).


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