Humans, horses and dogs have been massaged for hundreds of years and now we are delighted to find growing research relating to the benefits of bovine massage on an international scale, we are delighted to be one of the first to deliver this training in the UK.

​It is well documented that bovine massage is great for cattle. Cattle naturally massage one another in a herd and now a number of farmers are purchasing ‘mechanical massage equipment’ for their stock, as they believe it has immense welfare benefits and really does make their animals happier.

​Both current academic research and anecdotal evidence suggests that massage appears to make animals more comfortable, reduces stress levels and increases muscle tone when cows have limited movement where they are housed.

​It has also been proven that massage has an extremely positive impact with muscle injuries sustained by cows in the shed/field/travelling etc.

 In terms of productivity, the evidence also reveals that happy beef cattle produce a better quality meat and massage increases milk yield in dairy cows.  With regards to showing stock, the coat is enhanced by massage and movements can appear more fluid as the cow is able to move more freely.

​On a social level human and cow bonding can be very beneficial especially for smallholders who keep their animals in a more ‘natural state’ and want to learn a valuable additional skill.

Attendance on our courses will allow qualified Equine Massage Therapists to expand their clinical practice into bovine.  It will allow custodians of cattle (farmers, smallholders etc) to massage their own cattle but not those belonging to other people (Veterinary Act 1966 refers).  Those who are looking for a career in bovine massage (there is an international demand) who are not already Equine Massage Therapists can take the full career course.

Courses Available and Fees:

  • ​Equine Massage Therapists who wish to expand their practice into bovine, this training is held over 2 days, the fee is £280.

  • Custodians of cattle kept for dairy, beef and showing, this training is held over 1 day, the fee is £140.

  • Smallholders who wish to learn this additional skill, the training is held over 1 or 2 days depending on experience and requirements.

  • To become a fully trained Bovine Massage Therapists (with or without bovine experience), this training is held over 4 days followed by distance learning comprising of assignments and case studies.  There will be a final assessment before course completion.  The fee for this is £1500 and can be paid in full or monthly by ‘payment plan’

We can also provide bespoke training upon request.

Study Programmes

All of our courses include a training manual which covers bovine anatomy & physiology and practically, handling skills (if need be) and massage techniques.

Our training principles are based on objective, evidence based research and a thorough understanding of cattle.  Our Instructors are experienced with cattle, drawing their skills from a farming (beef and dairy) and also an animal massage therapy background.


Please complete and return the enrolment form below to AIAT Director, Angela Hall or email us first should you require any further information.

Bovine Massage Training (1 or 2 days)

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