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Here are some words from one of Rachel's outstanding AIAT case studies in 2018:

When Timmy was rescued from an illegal breeder, he was found malnourished, covered in ticks and left to live in a small cage his entire life. He was only allowed out for small periods of time, primarily to mate and create puppies for selling. The illegal breeders didn’t want to invest any of the money into him and kept their costs minimal. He needed to have his hair shaved off as it was completely over grown and full of ticks, he had tick fever and anaemia.

Due to his living conditions, he was unable to develop properly and this left his knees and elbows under developed and his joints deformed. He was not unable to walk or straighten his hind limbs nor was he able to straighten his fore limbs at the elbow.

I made a video recording of Timmy in this sorry state which you can view below.

Please note that this video may be distressing to some people and viewer discretion is therefore advised.


























After extensive medical care, he was taken in to my care, I commenced massage therapy initially to help reduce the inflammation, he was unable to take anti inflammatories as the tick fever had left his kidneys impaired, and massage was the best option. Once he began to regain his strength and feel a little more comfortable, I initiated more intensive massage techniques and stretches to promote circulation to the weakened muscles, this was to help the muscles recover and gain strength. Several more weeks went by and Physical rehabilitation was able to take place, and daily massage to remove inflammation, strengthen his ligaments and help straighten his spine. Now Timmy is much better, but without his daily Physio, which includes stretching and massage, he is quick to become sore and stiff. For Timmy massage therapy was instrumental in his recovery, and without it he is unable to live a pain free life.

He is now a happy and healthy dog, as you can see!!

*The copyright of the text, images and video that appear on this page is wholly owned by Rachael Garston. The Academy of Integrated Animal Therapies (AIAT) has exclusive permission to reproduce them, both for commercial or non-commercial use.*


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