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Canine Massage for Dog Owners

​We offer a 1-day course designed for dog owners who are dedicated to providing the best care for their own pet.  Whether it be a family dog, a competitive sporting dog, a working dog etc – they all benefit !

​By learning our unique combination of massage techniques, you will be able perform these before exercise or an athletic event, afterwards to help expel post exercise fluids or simply as a general maintenance massage. All of which massively benefit the dog whether your pet performs sports such as agility, enjoys long walks or is now less mobile due to age or arthritis, massage can help.
You will work thought the anatomy & physiology and the psychological aspects of the dog, you will discover that massage not only improves performance and wellbeing but also helps prevent injury and aid recovery. When an owner learns to massage their own dog, it embraces a deeper trust and bonding in the partnership bringing a remarkable experience for both.

​This training is available as one-on-one private training or in groups The cost is £120 per person for a group class.

We also offer a short introduction to canine massage of 3 hours for £60.

​Please contact Hayleigh our Instructor: for more information and forthcoming dates.

​Please Note – within the Law, you are only able to work on your own dog after attending this training.  If you want to work on another person’s dog then you must qualify in our professional career course as a Therapist – Canine Massage & Rehabilitation.

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