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Practitioner in Equine Botanical Choices (Zoopharmacognosy) - £1950

​Held all year round please contact us for dates and venues.

​You will receive all study materials for this exciting training programme along with some theory sessions over Zoom and also practical training.  Your distance learning comprises of  (assignments and case studies) and a final assessment when you will attain the status of Practitioner enabling you to work with horses in industry providing this very much needed and successfully therapy.

​This therapy  helps animals to heal themselves physically and emotionally using botanical compounds – essential oils, floral waters, herbs, minerals and more.  Animals have been performing “Zoopharmacognosy” for centuries but humans removed this ability for horses when we domesticated them and placed them in lush paddocks and stables.

Through our training you can bring the outside world to the horse once again and allow it to make choices for its own self-healing and self-medication.  We have worked with many horses with the following problems, all with great success: gastric, ulcers, mud fever, arthritis, injuries, muscular health, laminitis, hormonal imbalances, bladder, liver and kidney.  We also have success of working with stable vices, confidence issues, separation anxiety and much more.

Payment options :

​Payable in full £1950 (6 weeks before the training)

​Payable with deposit of £500, 12 monthly payments of £120.33 per month

​or 24 monthly payments of £60.42 per month.

​For forthcoming dates and enrolment please contact

Other Species

​After the training in horses you can ‘top up’ to include other species in your work:

  • Canine, Feline and Agricultural Animals £500

  • Agricultural Animals £250

Why do we teach each species separately? Because whilst this subject is fascinating it is complex too and you must know the botanicals that different species prefer and also the different routes of self-selection by each species and how you offer.    If you study all species at once we feel the quality of learning is diminished and can be confusing.   We prefer this methodical approach.

​We also offer 1 day training for animal keepers who want to work with their own animals in this way.  The fee is £150.  Please contact us for more information.