Anima-Chi Training Courses

AIAT is delighted to team up with Dr Isla Fishburn of Kachina Canine to offer you a series of courses in animal wellness therapies. Under the Anima-Chi range, the first practitioner course we will be offering in Autumn 2018 is Anima-Chi Phytotherapy.

The Anima-Chi Phytotherapy course follows the practice, methods and science of Zoopharmacognosy, of which Dr Isla Fishburn is a qualified practitioner via the Ingraham Academy of Zoopharmacognosy. The course combines how the biology of plants can improve or support an animal’s physical, psychological, physiological and energetic distresses to promote and maintain health.

Using a collection of specific parts of a plant that are offered to an animal, the animal can choose a variety and combination of these plant parts when suffering with an illness, physical condition, emotional disturbance, pain, energetic chaos or other ailments.

The specific collections of plant parts selected are unique to the individual animal’s route, needs and challenges to health.    

This practice is a scientific approach that allows an animal to have options for natural health. By understanding the long evolution, history and co-existence between plants and animals you will learn the science behind how and why plants can improve the health of an animal and how animals can choose their own route to health and wellness.

If you would like more information about this course or to learn about the course syllabus, costs, study period and layout please contact Isla at:

About Dr Isla Fishburn

Dr Isla Fishburn has had a long interest in nature, healing and conservation. She has a BSc in Zoology and a Masters and PhD in Conservation Biology. After spending several years with captive wolves and learning more about wellness, as well as her love for conservation, Isla began to observe the many distresses and unhealthy states that domestic dogs experience.

Isla created Kachina Canine to provide support for dogs and to educate their human guardians about canine wellness and what this includes to
provide a dog with a healthy life. Isla travels nationally and internationally presenting her canine wellness talks as well as offering one to one services.

Dr Isla Fishburn is a qualified Caninepharmacognosy practitioner, Accredited Animal Behaviourist, Canine shiatsu student, energy healer practitioner, student of shamanic studies, Affiliate member of the International School of Canine Psychology and Behaviour, a professional member of INTODogs, a member of the Raw Feeding Vet Society, brand ambassador for Benyfit Natural raw food.

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