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Botanical Choices for Animals



Our amazing ‘Botanical Choices for Animals’ training courses will be available in 2021 for Practitioners.  This truly enlightening programme will give you the knowledge and skills to work as an accredited and insured Therapist in Botanical Choices for Animals.

​We will also be offering short courses for pet and agricultural animal owners to look after their animals using fewer processed products and pharmaceuticals for optimal health.

We have learned over decades from wild animals and a great deal of research, how specific parts of plants can  improve and support an animal’s physical and psychological needs  to  promote and maintain natural health and wellbeing.  Illness, emotional disturbances, pain,  energy levels and much more can all be supported though self-selection.

This practice is a scientific approach that allows an animal to have options for natural health. By understanding the long evolution, history and co-existence between plants and animals you will learn the science behind how and why plants can improve the health of an animal and how animals can choose their own route to health and wellness.

You will not be diagnosing or medicating animals,  you will be facilitating the process through choice (or self-section) for the animal to support its physical and psychological health as it would in the wild. This process is also  known as zoopharmacognosy,  self-medication, phytotherapy, wild heath and so on.

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