Welcome to the Academy of Integrative Animal Therapies (AIAT) founded in 2017 by Angela Hall of the Equine Massage Academy (EMA).

We decided to bring the canine massage and other animal related holistic therapies we will be offering, under a more appropriate heading of AIAT and retain the well-established equine training courses within EMA.

It is well recognised by the animal industry that complementary therapy is paramount in order to promote excellent health, wellbeing and performance.  If you are passionate about dogs and Canine Therapy then our courses are for you. From a 1 day Canine Massage for Dog Owners course to an accredited course aligned to Level 5.

 ‘Canine Massage Therapy for Health and Performance’.


Why study with AIAT?

​We have the Highest of Standards

  • Accredited courses align to Industry and National Occupational Standards which lead to fully insured Therapists

  • Industry Levels 4 and 5 to suit your academic needs.  These are aligned to the regulatory level descriptors for the Regulatory Qualification Framework (RQF) and the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

  • International recognition of one of the best training available with award winning courses

  • Long standing training partnership with Bishop Burton College.

  • Angela Hall is a highly qualified professional and a Fellow of the International Society of Animal Professionals

  • Instructors and Assessors within AIAT are Industry professionals with a minimum qualification level of BSc.


Flexibility to suit all student needs

  • Flexible payment options

  • Flexible study programmes

  • Distance learning and attended training with excellent support from Tutors/Assessors and fellow students and graduates

  • Group learning or private tuition available

  • Friendly and enjoyable learning environment


Growth & Development

A growing range of first class CPD training to reach Therapist status of all-round excellence


Opportunities to join the AIAT teaching team are also actively encouraged. We operate a Training Agent Scheme whereby graduates can assist other dog owners develop massage skills, thus helping to spread the word about the importance of therapy, assisting Graduates with business progression and providing them with an additional form of income.

If you are interested in starting an exciting journey into the world of canine therapy with a highly professional and dedicated training team offering an approved career course, then read on.


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