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Welcome to the Academy of Integrative Animal Therapies (AIAT) founded in 2017 by Angela Hall of the Equine Massage Academy (EMA).

EMA’s international success led us to create a platform to produce training of an equally high quality but for other animals – dogs, cows, sheep and even more to come.

Although not a mainstream approach, our manual therapy is proving to be a very beneficial modality for the agricultural animal, the long-term benefits are a major contribution to high welfare for the animal.

We now deliver training to animal keepers through our AOTA programme.

Animal Owner Training Academy (AOTA) was formed to provide a fully integrated approach to training for all animal keepers of both domestic and commercial animals. We currently cover dogs, cows and sheep and more species to come very soon.

It is our intention to bridge the gap between professionals such as Vets, Trainers, Therapists etc and animal keepers - farmers, hobby farmers, small holders, showing etc and develop a range of courses specifically for them based on the same scientific and evidence based research that professionals have access to.

All our courses are available countrywide and delivered by a team of industry experts, very professional in their field but deliver the training on a fun but very informative basis. The best way to learn! Our courses offer everything you need if you care for an animal.

We also have on-line courses too.

Please see our Training Courses and Training Calendar for more information. 


Our courses are based on:

Empathy, Integrity, Science and Alternative Approaches